An authentic and satisfying smoking experience.

Green & Wild Hemparettes hemp flower pre-rolls provide an authentic and satisfying smoking experience, unlike anything you’ve tried before, including other brands of hemp cigarettes.

Take a hemp break! Relax and savor the rich, velvety smoke of organically grown, hand-cured, slow-burning,  hemp flower pre-rolls. Enjoy the true “entourage effect” that comes with terpene-rich hemp.

Green & Wild Hemparettes hemp flower pre-rolls

Carton of 10 Packs of 20 Hemparettes

Unlike some other brands, Green & Wild hemp smokes aren’t made with the same Grade F industrial hemp that’s grown for fiber and seeds. And we don’t blend our rich hemp with other dried herbs like some so-called hemp smokes. Our products contains hemp flower and trim containing up to 14 percent — no leaves, no stems, no seeds, no additives.

The-rich hemp flower used in Green & Wild hemp pre-rolls is cultivated using the highest standards in the industry and has been specifically bred to be high aromatic terpenes, for an authentic “entourage effect” and an aromatic, flavorful smoke but within the legal THC limit.

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Green & Wild’s mission is simple: to produce the world’s finest hemp cigarettes.

Green & Wild strives to produce the world’s finest hemp flower pre-rolls and provide smokers with an authentic and truly satisfying smoking experience.

To this end, we’ve spent years developing what we and many of our customers believe to be the finest hemp smoking experience available on the market.

Unlike other brands of hemp cigarettes that use inferior industrial hemp blended with smokable herbs, Green & Wild hemp flower pre-rolls are made with only the finest organic, hand-cured, medical-quality hemp flower. Our hemp strains are cultivated to produce terpenes for a true “entourage effect” but without the THC. All of our hemp is organically grown and lab-tested to assure purity and potency.

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